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Laurentian University is a leader in bilingual online and distance education. 


Undergraduate and graduate degree programs can be completed in English and in French, as well as various post-graduate certificates and programs via online distance education.

About Laurentian Online

Laurentian Online was launched in August 2016 and represents an amalgamation of the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)’s Envision Program and the Faculty of Management’s Virtual Campus.  Laurentian Online is part of the Teaching and Learning with Technology unit in the Centre for Academic Excellence.

Building on more than 40 years of online and distance education at Laurentian University, Laurentian Online is combining the experience and knowledge-base of the Centre for Continuing Education (which has been offering courses and programs in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Health disciplines since 1972) with the Faculty of Management’s Virtual Campus which has been offering online business degree programs since 2004.

Laurentian Online will continue to offer courses and programs, which are student–centered, and challenge students to develop their independent learning skills, expand their online research capabilities, and demonstrate excellence in academic writing.

The following undergraduate degree programs are available fully online or through distance education.  Click on the program title, followed by "Program Details" for more information such as degree options.


Bachelor of Arts

Concentration options:



You may also complete a general BA with two (2) minors. For further information regarding minors please see below. 

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Other Services for Online Students


If you need to order a transcript or confirm completion of your Laurentian University degree with a professional designation, please email the Registrar with your request (fees may apply).


Fees and Financing

If you have any questions regarding course fees, outstanding amounts on your account or program financing, please email the Fees and Financing department.


Federated University Contacts

Huntington University

Communication Studies, Gerontology, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dawn Noel de Tilly 
Director of Academic Services 
705-673-4126 Ext. 201 

Thorneloe University

Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts and Women’s Studies
David Macdonald
705-673-1730, ext.103
Fax:  705-673-4979

University of Sudbury

Philosophy and Religious Studies
Suzanne Paquin
705-673-5661, ext. 315
Fax:  705-673-8165

Native Studies

Mary Recollet
705-673-5661, ext. 225
Fax:  705-673-8165


Faculty of Education
Centre for Academic Development

Additional-Qualifications courses

Marcel Lalonde
Program Manager – AQ
705-675-1151 Ext. 3946

University of Sudbury
Huntington University
Thorneloe University
University of Sudbury
Huntington University
Thorneloe University

University of Sudbury

The University of Sudbury is a university in the Catholic tradition committed to bilingualism and the heritage of Canada’s First Nations. It offers courses and programs in Études journalistiques, Folklore, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Visit Website

Huntington University

Affiliated with the United Church of Canada, Huntington offers courses and programs in Communication Studies, Gerontology, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Dawn Noel de Tilly

Director of Academic Services

705-673-4126 Ext. 201

Visit Website

Thorneloe University

Thorneloe is a university of the Anglican faith. It offers courses and programs in Ancient Studies, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

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