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Laurentian University's Management Students Travel to Switzerland for Online Business Simulation Competition


Six students representing the student body of the Faculty of Management and Laurentian University travelled to Switzerland to participate in the 21st International Workshop. This activity consists of an online business simulation competition and a cultural experience. Students will work in teams with a student from each of the following countries to manage a company: China, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. This will provide our students an exposure to global management and team building within a multicultural setting. Worth mentioning, the Laurentian University team is the sole team representing Canada.

The students are, in order of appearance in the photo from left to right, Sebastian Shushan (representing the BBA/HBCOM program), Patrick Labelle (representing the BAA/BCOM spécialisé program), Alexie Beaulieu (representing the indigenous students), Sijie Zhang (representing the ZUFE students), Joelle Mavungu (representing international students), and Kristy Walton (representing the SPAD program).

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