Department of Philosophy

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A philosophical education will provide you with tools to critically examine the world around you. Philosophy teaches critical thinking in a variety of contexts.

A philosophical education will enrich and help you to critically examine your won worldview and other's.


Tanis Mercer

““For my undergraduate degree, I double majored in environmental biology and philosophy. Some people believe the combination to be strange, but I believe it is absolutely complimentary. Philosophy allowed me to discover the tools required to answer the 'so what' of my science degree and I am eternally grateful for that. This background allowed me to really understand things and get to the heart of issue in different science matters while I completed the Science Communication Graduate program. Furthermore, I believe that because of my background in philosophy, I was able to attain an amazing internship at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope on the Big Island in Hawaii. I believe that students in all disciplines can benefit from philosophy, both personally and academically. In the future, I hope that philosophy will play a larger role in all academic disciplines so that we may help cultivate well rounded individuals who will tackle larger problems with reinforced reasoning skills.””

- Tanis Mercer
Double majored in Environmental Biology and Philosophy 2013